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Additional Practice Files

River in Judea- Feldman/Marcus arr. Leavitt
Sop 1 Sop 2 Alto 1 Alto 2 Ten 1 Ten 2 Baritone Bass Tutti
 In Remembrance- Ames
Sop 1 Sop 2 Alto 1 Alto 2 Ten 1 Ten 2 Baritone Bass
 Every Valley - John Ness Beck
Sop 1 Sop 2 Alto SSA Ten  Bass

The Lord Is My Shepherd- Rutter

Soprano  Alto Tenor Baritone Bass 
Look at the World- Rutter
Voice MP3
Soprano MP3
Alto MP3
Tenor MP3
Bass MP3
Full Voices MP3
Beati quorum via -CHARLES VILLIERS STANFORD (SSATBB   Unaccompanied)
Soprano 1  MP3
Soprano 2  MP3
Alto  MP3
Tenor  MP3
Bass 1  MP3
Bass 2  MP3
Full Voices  MP3
Go Not Far From Me- Zingarelli
Sop  Alto Sop/Alt Ten  Ten/Bass Bass
For the Beauty of the Earth- Rutter
Sop Alto Tenor Bass
E'en So Lord Quickly Come -Mantz
Sop  Alto Ten  Bass

Italian-Latin Pronunciation Guide

Vowels Pronunciation Examples
a = ah
as in father ad, mater
e = eh
as in met te, video
i = ee
as in machine, feet in, qui
o = aw
as in bought gloria, omnis

u = oo

as in tutor, coo cum, summus
Double Vowels Pronunciation Examples
ae = eh
as in met prae, illae
oe = eh
as in met coelum, coepi
au = ah and oo
two distinct syllables aut, lauda
eu = eh and oo
two distinct syllables euge

Consonants Pronunciation Examples
c (before e,i, ae, oe)
as ch in church certus, cibus
as in ache Christus
g (before e ,i, ae, oe)
soft, as in gentle gens, agit
g (before other letters)
hard, as in go gratis, glo.
ny as in canyon angnus, ignis
silent except h sounds as k in mihi, nihil
j (or consonant i)
as y in yes Jesus, Justus
slightly rolled on the tongue carnis
as s in sing
sometimes light "z"
miser, fides
sc (before a, o, u or a consonant )
as sc in scope scutum, Pascha
sc (before e, i, oe, ae, and i)
as sh in shall descendit, scio
as t in ten Thomas
ti (when followed by a vowel
and proceeded by any letter
except s, t, or x)
as tsee bratia, etiam
x (in words beginning ex-
and followed by a vowel, h, or s )
as ks exaudi, pax
xc (before e, ae, oe, i)
as ksh excelsis =ekshelsees
as dz zizania

in = een; excelsis = ekshelsees; Deo = Deh-aw; hominibus = awmeeneeboos; te = teh; Jesu = Yeh-soo